Recognizing Juneteenth

Recognizing Juneteenth at CVPR 2022


This year, CVPR will be held in-person — in a hybrid conference format — for the first time since 2019. For some attendees, this event provides a chance to reconnect with colleagues old and new after a long hiatus. For others, it will be their first time attending a conference in person. For all live attendees, CVPR represents an opportunity to experience the historic city of New Orleans.


CVPR 2022 takes place not only in a city known for its distinct culture and history, but also during a date of historic significance. On Monday, June 20, 2022, the US celebrates Juneteenth, which was established as a US federal holiday in 2021. Juneteenth commemorates the ending of slavery in the United States, and also celebrates African-American culture. This holiday is of particular significance in New Orleans, a city in the US South that was at one time the location of the largest slave market in the US, later a city segregated under Jim Crow laws, but also a city influential in the civil rights movement and in the development of Black culture.


This year, the federal holiday of Juneteenth coincides with day 2 of the CVPR workshops (June 20), and Juneteenth celebrations in New Orleans will also take place during the weekend of June 18-19. We encourage CVPR attendees to participate in activities and cultural events taking place in New Orleans, and to experience the culture of the city during the conference. Some ideas for activities include:


  • Attending the New Orleans Juneteenth Festival — activities will run throughout the weekend of June 18-20. The main event will take place on Sunday, June 19, from 3-7pm in Congo Square (just north of the French Quarter, and a historic site influential in the history of jazz). We recommend checking the NOLA Juneteenth Festival webpage for updates on the festival.
  • Visiting the New Orleans Jazz Museum in the historic US Mint building — which also hosts frequent live concerts.
  • Experiencing Frenchman Street, known for its live music with many wonderful music clubs. Note that according to locals, it is customary to tip musicians generously, as tips make up a significant fraction of their livelihood.
  • For a longer trip, visiting the Whitney Plantation, a plantation museum with a focus on the history and legacy of slavery in the US.


A full list of events planned in New Orleans for Juneteenth is available here:


A good way to support communities affected by the enduring legacy that Juneteenth recognizes is to visit some of New Orleans’s Black-owned restaurants, shops, and businesses — and more highlighted on New Orleans’s official visitors website — during your stay. The rich culture of Black New Orleans is also recognized during the conference in the catering, the entertainment, and in the back of our T-shirt, featuring the work of M. Sani, a local Black artist.


CVPR 2022 has also initiated a number of efforts towards increasing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at the conference. Please see the CVPR 2022 DEI page for more information on these efforts.