Student Activities

We will be hosting a “speed mentoring event” outdoors on the rooftop of the convention center, where attendance will be capped to 200 students per session. There will be tables, light food and drinks served. Mentors will sit at tables (with 8-10 students each), and will hold an informal discussion on a particular topic (see a preview of some of the current mentors and topics below).


This is for IN PERSON ATTENDANCE ONLY. A separate event will be created for virtual attendees. Please do not register for these events if you will not be in New Orleans. 


You will get to meet with Senior Faculty and Industry Leaders to discuss topics of interest to students! You must register in advance to attend and attendance is capped. If the event is full, you can join a waitlist but you should select another event. This is a mentor event curated by our Special Activities Chairs and is meant for networking with Senior Advisors and Industry leaders.


Please log into your registration to select an event if you are interested. 

Go here  and select modify. You will need the email address and confirmation number from registration. 

Go to AGENDA and look at the STUDENT SOCIALS.  Click on ONE event. You will receive an email with details on the event and a ticket to print. 


Day 1 (June 21) 5 - 6:30 PM
Name (Affiliation) Topic
James Tompkin (Brown)

Applying for PhDs + academic jobs

Michael S. Brown (York/Samsung)

Industry vs. academic research

Jia-Bin Huang (Meta/University of Maryland College Park) AMA!
Judy Hoffman

building an academic community

Nathan Jacobs (Washington Univ in St. Louis) AMA
Ioannis Gkioulekas (CMU)

AMA, applying for PhD and faculty jobs

Ruth Fong (Princeton)

AMA, PhD life, teaching track faculty

Hyun Soo Park (U of Minnesota)

AMA, Choosing research topics

Paolo Favaro (U Bern)

PhD life, research and career advice

David Fleet (UToronto/Google) AMA
Kosta Derpanis (York U) AMA
Thibault Groueix (Adobe Research) AMA


Day 2 (June 22) 9:00 - 10:30 AM
Name (Affiliation) Topic
Olga Russakovsky (Princeton) Balancing research and outreach
Raymond A. Yeh (TTIC) Tips for a successful Ph.D.
Kris Kitani (CMU) Leveraging Community
Hilde Kuehne Managing your supervisor / Industry vs. Academia, what do I choose?
Stephen Gould (ANU) Industry vs. Academia, what do I choose?
or Doing Research Outside of North America
or Any Other Advice
Jose Avarez (Nvidia) Industry research vs academia
Mathieu Salzmann (EPFL, ClearSpace) Choosing your research topic, industry vs academia
Gul Varol (ENPC) AMA
Andrew Owens (Michigan) AMA
David Fouhey (Michigan) AMA, but can talk about managing your supervisor
Federico Tombari (Google) AMA


Day 3 (June 23) 5 - 6:30 PM
Name (Affiliation) Topic
Dima Damen (Univ of Bristol)

Managing your supervisor/collaborators

David Lindell (University of Toronto)

Tips for a successful Ph.D., Applying for academic jobs

Angjoo Kanazawa (UC Berkeley) AMA!
Tal Hassner (Meta AI) AMA
Timo Bolkart (MPI / Amazon) AMA
Angela Dai (Technical University of Munich) AMA
David Crandall (Indiana University) AMA
Carl Vondrick (Columbia) AMA
Srinath Sridhar (Brown) AMA
Cees Snoek (Univ. of Amsterdam) AMA
Noam Aigerman (Adobe Research) Imposter Syndrome
Alyosha efros Life, research, Gelato
Michal Irani AMA
James Tompkin (Brown)

[I can help out here too as needed]